Johji TAJIMA 
Doctor of Science
Phone: +81-52-872-5790
FAX: +81-52-872-3495
[Group] Information Systems
[Title] Professor

Specialties Image Processing, Pattern Recognition Systems
Current Research

Research area is image processing for human interface, which consists of two parts.

The first part is color image processing. Color images are commonly processed and communicated in daily life. Image processing technology for image quality improvement and color management is studied, and new algorithms development and standardization are carried out. Research results have been applied to imaging equipment - scanners, printers, projectors etc.

The second part is 3D vision systems. They are applied to face identification systems. The application area is being extended to entire humans.

Keywords: Image processing, Human interface, Color imaging, 3D vision
Selected Papers (Book)
Principles of Color Image Reproduction, Maruzen (1996).

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