Hitoshi MIURA

Hitoshi MIURA

Associate Professor, Ph.D.
E-mail: miurah
TEL: +81-52-872-5822
FAX: Not avairable
Research Course: Mathematical and Material Science
URL http://www.nsc.nagoya-cu.ac.jp/~miurah/  
Specialties Theoretical Physics, Crystal Growth (Rock-forming minerals, Colloidal Crystals), Planetary Sciences (Evolution of Solid Materials, Meteorites)
Keywords Numerical Simulations, Meteorites, Early Solar System, Formation of Planetary System, Chondrule, Phase-field method, GPU Computing
Current Research (1) Evolution of Solid Materials in Early Solar System:
There are various crystals on the Earth at present. Extra-terrestrial materials such as meteorites also contain crystalline grains. Oh the other hand, it has been revealed that almost all solid materials in inter-stellar region are amorphous. When, where, and how were the amorphous materials crystallized during the formation of Sun and planetary system? We are investigating the dust heating mechanism in the proto-planetary gas disk using theoretical modeling and numerical simulations.

(2) Morphologies and Zoning profiles of Rock-forming Minerals:
Rock-forming minerals have formed in cooling magmas. The morphologies and compositional zoning structures reflect the growth environments such as temperature, chemical composition, pressure, and the variations. How were the morphologies and zoning structures affected by the growth conditions? We develop mathematical models of the growth of minerals to investigate the minerallization process.

(3) Step Dynamics on Surface of Growing Crystal:
The facet face of crystals seems flat, however, there are many atomic-scale steps of about 1nm in height. During crystal growth, atoms and/or molecules in solution are transported onto the crystal surface and incorporated at the steps. However, if there are some impurities in the solution, they may be adsorbed at the steps and prevent the crystal growth. We investigate the effect of impurities on the step dynamics using mathematical models.

(4) Colloidal Crystals and Inter-particle Interaction:
A colloidal crystal is an ordered array of colloid particles. On the formation of the ordered structure, an inter-particle interaction between colloid particles plays an important role. We are numerically investigating the dynamics of a small-number cluster in the non-equilibrium system by Brownian dynamics (BD) method.
Selected Papers Numerical study of impurity-induced growth hysteresis on a growing crystal surface, accepted for publication in Crystal Growth & Design

Phase-field modeling of step dynamics on growing crystal surface: Step pinning induced by impurities, Crystal Growth & Design 15, 4142-4148 (2015)

Phase-field modeling of step dynamics on growing crystal surface: direct integration of growth units to step front, Crystal Growth & Design, 15, 2165-2175 (2015)

A New Estimate of Chondrule Cooling Rate Deduced from an Analysis of Compositional Zoning of Relict Olivine, The Astronomical Journal 147, 54 (9pp) (2014)

Role of impurity on growth hysteresis and oscillatory growth of crystals, Crystal Growth & Design 13(8), 3588-3595 (2013)

Anisotropy function of kinetic coefficient for phase-field simulations: Reproduction of kinetic Wulff shape with arbitrary face angles, Journal of Crystal Growth 367, 8-17 (2013)

A new constraint for chondrule formation: condition for the rim formation of barred-olivine textures, Earth, Planets and Space 63, 1087-1096 (2011)

Phase-field simulation for crystallization of a highly supercooled melt droplet in levitation environment, Journal of Applied Physics 108, 114912 (2010)

Formation of cosmic crystals in highly-supersaturated silicate vapor produced by planetesimal bow shocks, Astrophysical Journal 719, 642-654 (2010)