Hideaki TAGAMI

Hideaki TAGAMI

Associate Professor, Doctor of Science
E-mail: dan
TEL: +81-52-872-5818
FAX: +81-52-872-5818
Research Course: Biological Science
URL http://www.nsc.nagoya-cu.ac.jp/~dan/  
Specialties Molecular Biology, Chromatin Regulation
Keywords Histone complex, Chromatin regulation
Current Research The research of this group focuses on chromatin regulation using a strategy of protein complex analysis. We address the molecular mechanisms through functional analyses of the interaction partners of histones in yeast.

The major projects are following:

(1) Molecular mechanisms of chromatin assembly
We are studying the histone deposition machineries to understand the molecular events leading to chromatin assembly.

(2) Chromatin regulation on gene expression
We are interested in the connections between the histone dynamics and transcription.

(3) Histone metabolism and cell cycle
We investigate the regulations of histone’s life: from the synthesis to degradation, and the molecular link between the regulation and cell cycle progression.
Selected Papers HJURP is a cell-cycle-dependent maintenance and deposition factor of CENP-A at centromeres., Cell, 137, 487-497 (2009).

From the view of histone complexes: A sketch of molecular players on the chromatin assembly events. In "DNA Structure, Chromatin and Gene Expression" Transworld Research Network, 57, 145-158 (2006).

Histone H3.1 and H3.3 Complexes Mediate Nucleosome Assembly Pathways Dependent or Independent of DNA Synthesis, Cell, 116, 51-61 (2004).