Program details (alphabetical order in first name)

Lecturer Affiliation Title
An-Pang Tsai Tohoku University Growth of quasicrystals
Chaorong Li Zhejiang Sci-tech University Morphology control and applications of Cu2O nano-particles
Elias Vlieg Radboud University Structures of interfaces
Etsuro Yokoyama Gakushuin University Morphology, roughening and instability
Gen Sazaki Hokkaido University The surface melting of ice crystals
Geun Woo Lee Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science Crystal nucleation and growth in a deep metastable liquids using electrostatic levitation and dynamic diamond anvil cell
Hiroaki Imai Keio University Formation of mesocrystal: classical and non-classical crystal growth
Hiroshi Ohmoto Pen State University New model for the condensation of minerals in the Solar Nebula and the origin of Earth based on the meteorites discovered in 3.46 Ga-old submarine basalts
Hiroshi Ohmoto Pen State University Dr. Sunagawa’s influence on my research at Tohoku University
Hitoshi Miura Nagoya City University Fundamentals of step dynamics
Jim De Yoreo Pacific Northwest Laboratory Classical vs non-classical pathways of crystal nucleation and growth
Juan Manuel García-Ruiz CSIC-University of Granada Patterns on the rocks: An overview of mineral growth patterns
Junpei Yamanaka Nagoya City University Self assembly of colloidal particles
Katsuo Tsukamoto Tohoku University/Osaka University Optical in-situ observation of crystal growth interfaces
Koichi Kakimoto Kyushu University Numerical investigation and experimental validation of crystal growth of semiconductors
Masaru Tachibana Yokohama City University Perfection of protein crystals by X-ray diffraction
Matthias Konrad-Schmolke University of Gothenburg Metamorphism
Michihiko Nakamura Tohoku University Magma crystallization and volcanic eruptions
Mu Wang Nanjing University The mechanism leading to the long range ordering in the interfacial aggregation
Noriaki Ozaki Akita Prefectural University Silica biomineralization in rice plants
Noriko Akutsu Osaka Electro-Communication University Introduction to deep learning with a software Keras: A guide for end-to-end users
Qiu-Sheng Liu Chinese Academy of Sciences Solutal convection of liquid in alloy directional solidification with porous dendrite mush
Satoshi Uda Tohoku University Growth of new congruent oxide crystals with extended stoichiometric compositions
Takeshi Fukuma Kanazawa University Visualizing atomic-scale structures and dynamics at solid-liquid interfaces by high-speed frequency modulation AFM
Taketoshi Hibiya Keio University Memory of Piet Bennema for the discussion of garnet morphology on a boat
Teruki Sugiyama National Chiao Tung University Crystallization controlled by optical trapping
Teruyasu Mizoguchi University of Tokyo Machine learning for atomic-resolution analysis of interface
Tetsuo Okutsu Gunma University Light induced crystallization of proteins and organic molecules
Toru Ujihara Nagoya University Machine learning for SiC crystal growth (modeling, optimization and visualization)
Xiang-Yang Liu National University of Singapore Kinetic and control of spider silk crystallization
Yuki Kimura Hokkaido University Application of liquid TEM to various crystallization
Zhisen Zhang Xiamen University Ice nucleation in hydrogel matrix

Practices of machine learning (by Prof. N. Akutsu)

Prof. N. Akutsu will provide a practical lecture on machine learning at Nov. 3rd and 4th evening. You can experience how to use useful tools of machine learning on your own laptop. You may get a hint to apply the machine learning technique to your research on crystal growth. Please contact nori●, if you take the course. Anybodies who are interested in the machine learning are welcome!

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