A room in Hotel Sakan including two excellent meals: 14,800 JPY/night, 8,500 JPY/night 8,000 JPY/night for students. This is thanks to special offers from Hotel SAKAN.


By Air
There is a direct flight from Narita airport to Sendai airport (50 min.). This is operated by ANA. We have a direct bus service from Sendai airport to Hotel Sakan (SENDAI SEIBU Air port Liner).
  • SENDAI SEIBU Air port Liner (Japanese website)
  • SENDAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: The direct-bus-service information is available in English. Please select the tab "For Akiu Onsen, Michinoku Park" at Timetable of Local Buses. Unfortunately, the timetable in English version is wrong (as of Aug. 27, 2018) and it will be corrected soon. The correct timetable from Sendai Airport to Akiu Onsen Yumoto is below (posted from Japanese website).
Sendai Airport Sendai Sta. (JR) Akiu Onsen Yumoto Fare (Adult one-way)
9:30 10:05 10:40 1,500 JPY
11:00 11:35 12:10 1,500 JPY
12:40 13:15 13:50 1,500 JPY
14:00 pass 14:44 1,000 JPY
16:40 17:15 17:50 1,500 JPY
19:30 20:05 20:40 1,500 JPY
By Train
There are Rapid trains (Shinkansen) form Tokyo station to Sendai station (100 min.).
There is a special service, JR East Pass, from Japan Rail Way. You can at least travel from Narita airport to Sendai and the return to Narita airport with 19,000 JPY. The normal costs about 25,000 JPY.
  • Flexible five-day pass (JR East Pass): You can use the pass on any five days within a 14-day period starting with the date of purchase or exchange in Japan. You do not have to determine your 5 travel dates at the time of purchase or exchange. For example, if you purchase your pass or get it by exchange on August 1, you can show the pass at a station on any five days between August 1 and August 14 and it will be stamped as valid for use on that day.
From Sendai Station
Shuttle bus service is available (40 min.). Also see the web site (click). We also prepare shuttle buses from the center of Sendai city.

Lunch Banquet

We plan to visit the sites of beautiful Japanese autumn leaves as a Lunch Banquet. The first stop will be for lunch at Syoukei-kaku that was built for the stay of our emperor.


We plant to visit some beautiful places to see color change of leaves near Sendai as the excursion on Wednesday. On the way back, we may visit a Sake brewery. The total number of the excursion will be limited to 40 people with the price of 1,500 JPY including light meals. Details will be announced later.

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