Curriculum - Department of Information and Basic Science

Master's Program

Common Basics Overview of Basic Science
Information Processing
Natural History and Evolution
Introduction to Mathematical Information Science
Materials Science
Molecular Biology
Core Lectures Biological
Gene Regulation and Engineering
Epigenetics and Chromatin
Evolutionary Systems Biology
Applied Physiology
Biomolecular Chemistry
Biometry and Bioinformatics
Special Lectures of Biological Science I-V
Mathematical and
Material Science
Advanced Geometry
Advanced Algebra
Model of Information System
Sensory-Information Theory
Astrophysics and Planetary Science
Physical Information
Materials Informatics
Special Lectures of Natural Science I-V
Seminars I-IV
Allied Subjects Advanced Courses of Basic Science I-III
Advanced Seminar Advanced Seminar

Doctoral Program

Core Lectures Advanced Course of Biological Science
Advanced Course of Natural Science
Advanced Courses of Basic Science I and II
Specialized Seminars Advanced Seminar of Biological Science
Advanced Seminar of Natural Science
Advanced Seminars of Basic Science I and II
Allied Subjects Advanced Course of Research Methods
Advanced Seminar Advanced Seminar