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Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Nagoya City University
Yamanohata 1, Mizuho-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 467-8501, Japan
TEL: 052-872-5062, FAX: 052-872-1531
Nagoya City University has 4 separated campuses. Graduate School of Natural Sciences is located in the Yamanohata (Takiko) Campus.
Walking Map to Takiko Campus from Subway Stn and Bus Stops
Useful Suggestion
Don't ask someone how you can reach Nagoya City University. They may take you to another main campus where the university hospital is in. You should ask where the Takiko (or Yamanohata) campus of Nagoya City University is.

Access to Yamanohata (Takiko) Campus
from Chubu International Airport (NGO; Centrair, Central Japan Intl APT)

1. Cuubu APT => Kanayama
Arrived at Chubu APT (Centrair), take the Meitetsu train to Kanayama station. All trains will stop at Kanayama. However, it is convenient to take a Airport Express "named μ-Sky (Mu-Sky)" with an extra charge of JPY 350 for the seat reservation in addition to the regular fair (JPY 790). It takes about 25 min by the Express train.
2. Kanayama => Takiko => NCU (Yamanohata)
At Kanayama Stn Bus Terminal, take a bus line No. 11, 12, 14, or 16 (fee is JPY 210). All buses in these lines will stop at "Takiko" Bus Stop (the 5th stop; after leaving "Takiko-dori 2-Chome"). Then, 3 min walk to the south takes you to the North Gate of Yamanohata Campus of NCU.
Walking Map to Takiko Campus from Subway Stn and Bus Stops

Access to Yamanohata (Takiko) Campus
from Nagoya station (Shinkansen and other trains)

1. Transferring at Nagoya Station
Arriving at Nagoya Station by the Shinkansen (Super Express Bullet Trains), proceed to transfer toward the JR Chuo (or Tokaido) lines. Note that DO NOT go through Exit Gates in stead of Transfer Gates. At the automatic ticket gate for transfer from Shinkansen to JR lines, you may insert two tickets (namely, the regular ticket and the express ticket. In some case, one piece of ticket includes all together.). You need to recover the former ticket from the machine to transferring and further travel, while the latter will be taken by the machine.
2. Nagoya => Kanayama
Ride the Chuo (or Tokaido) line train to Kanayama Station (4 minutes, the next stop in most case). Local and Rapid trains are available, but Limited Express and "Central Liner" are NOT. If you take Tokaido line, the Local Train will stop at small station "Otoubashi" before "Kanayama".
Note: In case you go out from the main gate without transferring at Nagoya station, you need to buy a ticket from Nagoya to Kanayama (160 yen). You have another possibility that taking subway (JPY 260) as shown below.
3. Kanayama => Takiko => NCU (Yamanohata)
Same as above.

Access to Yamanohata (Takiko) Campus
from other places in Nagoya City

1. To the subway Sakurayama Station "S11"
Take a subway and connect to Sakuradori Line, and get off at Sakurayama Station "S11".
2. Walk to NCU (Yamanohata)
Get out to the ground level from the Exit No.6 of Sakurayama Stn. Walk 10 min to the west along the blue line in the map, then enter our campus from the North Gate.
Walking Map to Takiko Campus from Subway Stn and Bus Stops
Most of our faculty members have their office and laboratory in Building No. 4 and 5 just in front of the North Gate.
As an alternative way to our campus, you may go to Kanayama from any city place and follow the above instruction.

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